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Crème de la Crème 2008 Edition

Kimono Collections Japanese heavily brocaded silk wedding kimonos, Uichikake, are brought back to life by being reworked into luxurious silk handbags, each truly unique.

Liza Emanuele A new and exciting talent from Adelaide, trained in Milan, stirs interest with her ready-to-wear collection. Liza Emanuele is from Adelaide and trained at the Instituto Marangoni in Milan.

A Weekend in the City A weekend in the City. Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, Relaxation. The perfect rest cure.

The Wardrobe Department Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House's Wardrobe Department makes the costumes and wigs for opera stars. Baroque, classical, modern, simple, elaborate, the technical and artistic demands are considerable.

Weaving. The ubiquitous civilising craft Weaving: an ancient skill developed independently in several parts of the world, it is linked closely with nascent civilisation and settlement.

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